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Annual Appeal

As 2023 comes to a close, we want to reflect on the joyful, inspiring, and successful moments that the New York

Theatre Organ Society has brought us this year. Despite the challenges, NYTOS has remained passionate about

preserving the theatre organ’s musical legacy, thanks to our dedicated members. We look forward to sharing more

unforgettable experiences in the future.

During our recent activities, we achieved some significant milestones that are worth mentioning. Our events were a

major highlight among them. Our participation in the Dutchess County Fair was highly successful as it provided us

with an opportunity to showcase our chapter’s work to a vast audience of over 500,000 people. We interacted with

the fairgoers and received great feedback, which resulted in increased attendance at our fall events. We also had the

privilege of showcasing our Touring Theatre Organ at the AGO conference, where Nathan Avakian helped bridge the

gap between the AGO and ATOS. Our chapter organized eight events and supported/partnered with seven other

organizations that utilized our instruments. Furthermore, we are proud to have funded a scholarship at FDR High School

for a deserving music student.

The Annual Appeal is an opportunity for each of us to play a crucial role in sustaining NYTOS and fostering its growth.

Your generous contributions enable us to:

  • Preserve Historic Organs: By funding critical maintenance and restoration projects for our cherished instruments, we ensure that these majestic organs continue to captivate audiences for years to come.

  • Enrich the Event Landscape: We diversify our event offerings to cater to a broad audience. We create memorable experiences that showcase the versatility and beauty of the theatre organ.

  • Foster Community Togetherness: We facilitate more opportunities for members to actively participate and connect. We strengthen the bond that unites us through a shared love for the theatre organ.

Please keep in mind that our annual operating expenses, which include the Horseshoe Newsletter, website, software,

and insurance, amount to $13,000. This is the cost to keep the lights on in our organization. Even if every member

renews their membership annually, it only accounts for $2,000, which is significantly less than our annual operating


That’s why every donation, no matter how small, can make a meaningful impact on NYTOS. Your generosity empowers

us to continue our mission and overcome the challenges that lie ahead. As we strive to take the joy of the theatre organ

to new heights, we humbly request your support in the form of a tax-deductible donation to our Annual Appeal.


As we express our gratitude for the moments NYTOS has provided us, let us also extend our support to ensure a vibrant

future for this organization. Together, we can create a legacy that echoes the harmony and splendor of the theatre


Checks should be made out to The New York Theatre Organ Society memo: Annual Appeal

Mail to:

New York Theatre Organ Society

367 WINDSOR HWY #433


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